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Friday, April 14, 2006



I'm Stephanie Ecke and I too want to welcome you to Part 2 in our series., Diane, Richard and I hope you will join us in the next few weeks as we bring you our series on Pathways to Purpose for Women by Katie Brazelton. Part 2 on "Leaving Your Past Behind" could very well be one of the most difficult stepping stones on the pathway to purpose. We hope this study will bless you. For those of you who wish to go further in depth, we've added some homework assignments. The first assignment is to read about Mary Magdalene in Luke 8:2 and John 20:1-8 "The Repentent Sinner" ; List 5 things that have caused you grief, pain, hurt, rejection or failure. How has God used one or more of these things for good in your life? Write about them. Also, list five succeses in your life - or happy memories. How could a combination of one or more things on your list be used to give encouragement to someone else? Write about this and then go give someone some hope this week! We look forward spending time with you next week for Part 3 "Do What Matters Today". We're praying for you and your continued growth. Until then...

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