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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Kaleidoscope 9: Faith and Family in Business

Kaleidoscope: Episode 9-Faith and Family in Business. Angela talks with Ron and Elise Acosta, owners and proprietors of Las Palapas Restaurant in San Antonio, Texas. Along with being great ambassadors of food and service, they help us understand how they bring faith and family into their day to day business of running a restaurant. Opening and closing theme is "Sunflower" by Sherazade. Special thanks to Clifford Sound for providing the bandwidth for this podcast!!

I know Elsie personally. She is NOT the best person in the world. She treats Las Palapas people poorly, speaks to them like they are beneath her and belittles them. She brags about the 200 and 300 dollar shirts she buys to the workers who make this much a week. She stays with Ron because she thinks she has power and she loves his money. This woman is NO CHRISTIAN!!!
I know Elise Acosta personally. She is NO CHRISTIAN!! This woman treats Las Palapas employees horibly. She does not tip them more than two dollars despite inviting her friends to lunch, being difficult, occupying the table for a long time and then leaving a whole big $2 tip. She treats the employees like trash, she speaks very demeaning to them, likes to act superior to them and on top of all that, she walks around bragging about her $200 and $300 shirts she buys. This is probably how much money the employees make in a week. Who wants to hear her bragging about her expensive clothes? Elsie loves to think and act like she is better than other people. She only stays with Ron because she feels like she has power and she loves to spend HIS money! This woman is NO CHRISTIAN!
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